About Us

Southern Arava R&D (SA R&D) hosts various scientific activities including soil and water sciences, postharvest, horticulture, flowers and ornamental plants, vegetables, plant protection and agrotechnology.

The soil, water and plant testing lab serves the SA R&D researchers and together with extension officers of the Ministry of Agriculture, provides comprehensive support for the region’s farmers, landscapers and gardeners.

Then And Now

1964 – Establishment of the Arava Experimental Station.

1985 – Southern Arava Research and Development (SA R&D) established, constituting an expansion of the experimental station’s activities.

SA R&D was established by the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency, in the framework of the Negev and Arava R&D. The R&D extends over the entire area of the Hevel Eilot Regional Council and is operated by Ardom Management and Holdings.

Today, the R&D’s activities are funded mainly by the Jewish National Fund and by various Israeli government ministries coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture. Additional funding is provided by JCA Israel, the World Zionist Organization Settlement Division, the Plants Production and Marketing Board, and Hevel Eilot Regional Council.


Researchers at SA R&D enjoy rich collaboration with colleagues from Israel’s agricultural academic institutions, including the Agricultural Research Organization, the Faculty of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Quality Sciences of the Hebrew University, Ben-Gurion University and Tel Aviv University. Successful cooperation is also enjoyed with the Ministry of Agriculture and its extension service, and with agronomists and field professionals representing various agricultural equipment and service providers.

Internationally, prominent institutions collaborating with SA R&D include, among others: University of California, University of Arizona, Utah State University, Florida State University, Texas A&M University, USDA-ARS, Jordan’s National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension, and Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology.