Objective: To maximize postharvest quality and health value, as well as storability and shelf-life of local produce...

Machinery & Technology

Objective: To develop improvements in machinery and technology in agriculture fully suited for the conditions ...

Soil & Water

Objective: To develop irrigation regimes that can secure both long-term agricultural success and environmental protection.


– Seed production – R&D activity aiming to build profitable branch while securing the IP of Arava R&D.

Flowers & Ornamental Plants

Objective: To produce seeds of new flower varieties and ornamental species for the use of cut flowers

Entomology & Plant Protection

Objective: To learn to cope with the challenges of plant protection in the Arava desert...


Objective: To promote profitable vegetable production in the Southern Arava. Trials to find new, improved...


Agroecology is defined by the OECD, which combines the relationships between agriculture, agricultural produce and the environment.


The Animal Research Unit of Southern Arava R&D has made its priority to research appropriate cooling systems for the local dairy industry.


Modern statistics can trace its origins to agricultural research. R.A. Fisher did his ground breaking work in Rothamsted Agricultural Research Station.