Soil, Water & Plant Testing Laboratory

The Southern Arava R&D – Soil, Water and Plant Testing Laboratory, was established in 1964. It is a leading regional testing lab for soil, water and plant analysis.

The laboratory serves the farmers, landscapers and gardeners of the Arava, Eilat and Ramat Negev regions as well as the researchers at Southern Arava R&D. The laboratory also provides support for extension professionals in soil, water and plant management.

Online Meteorology

Our Meteorological station has the instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions particularly relevant for farmers and it has done so for many years, to study the weather and climate in the Yotvata Station, Southern Arava Desert. The measurements taken include temperature (air and soil), evaporation and relative humidity.

Project Consultancy & Management

Our team of highly experienced management, researchers, and technicians provide services as international consultants and project managers in the fields of research, agricultural development (including feasibility studies), advancement of agrotechnology, irrigation technology, and education & training.