2016-2017  Postdoctoral in Plant Physiology, “the root of the matter” Knowledge center. under the management of Prof. Shimon Rahmilevich. Design, coordination between participating researchers and conducting studies to examine the physiology, morphology, metabolomics and genetics of complex Rootstock-Scion tomatoes, with different roots, under abiotic stress. Ben Gurion University, Desert Research Institute.

2015-2016 Postdoctoral Research – Plant Communication and Plant Behavior in Competitive Relations. Under the direction of Prof. Ariel Novoflansky. Ben Gurion University, Desert Research Institute

Ph.D. 2009-2014 Ben Gurion University in the Negev. Albert Katz International School of Desert Studies (AKIS), Sede Boqer Campus.
Advisors: Dr. N. Tel-Zur and Dr. M. Zaccai.
Title of thesis: Physiological and molecular regulation of the annual flowering cycle in Ziziphus jujuba.

M.Sc. 2005-2007 Tel- Aviv University. Department of Plant Sciences. cum laude.
Advisors: Dr. M. Sternberg and Dr. A. Freidberg.
Title of thesis: The influence of environmental factors on the life traits of Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertner, along a climatic gradient.

B.Sc. 1995-1999 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Department of Life Sciences. Research project under the supervision of Prof. A. Zaritsky. Entitle: Biological control of mosquitoes with Bacillus turingiensis israelensis (Bti).

  •  Employment History
    2018 Researcher – Plantation with an emphasis on date palm. Southern Arava R&D center.
    2009 Teacher – Tel Aviv “Nature Environment and Society” school. Developed and conducted natural science lessons for the third and fifth grades.
    2006-2008 Research assistant – Tel- Aviv University, Zoological Garden. Animal care, data recording and analysis.
    2005-2007 Teaching assistant – Tel- Aviv University. Botanical Gardens course “Introduction to the plant world” for undergraduates. My responsibilities included teaching plant species and taxonomy.
    2002.2005 Project manager – Deexel Company. Bio-analytical Unit. In charge of developing methodology for high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometer (LC/MS/MS).


  • Participations and Presentations in Conferences and Workshops
    1- Meir M, EU COST Action FP0905 Training School. 2013. Biosafety of Forest Transgenic Trees: improving the scientific basis for safe tree development and implementation of EU policy directives. Tromso, Norway.
    2- Meir M, Zaccai M, Raveh E, Ben-Asher J, and Tel-Zur N. 2012. Poster. Irrigating Ziziphus jujuba with different levels of brackish water and testing the effect of NaCl on the accumulation of ions in the leaf and dormancy release. Negev conference for agriculture research and development. Ramat Negev, Israel.
    3- Meir M, Zaccai M, Ben-Asher J, and Tel-Zur N. 2011. Poster. Chilling requirement and the effect of low temperature on flowering time in Ziziphus jujuba. The 21th Prof. Evenary Symposia. French Associates Institute for Agriculture and Biotechnology of Drylands. J. Blaustein Institute for Desert Research. BGU, Sede-Boqer Campus.
    4- Meir M, 2007. Oral presentation. The influence of environmental factors on the life traits of Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertner along a climatic gradient. The 35 annual convention of the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Rehovot, Israel.

Refereed Articles in Scientific Journals
Meir M, Ben-Dov E, and Zaritsky A. 2010. Modular columns to study depth-dependence behavior of mosquito larvae and toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis. Acta Tropica, 3: 229-32.
IF: 2.787, JR (Tropical Medicine): 4/22 (Q1)

Meir M, Zaccai M, Raveh E, Ben-Asher J, and Tel-Zur N. 2014. Performance of Ziziphus jujuba trees correlates with tissue mineral content under salinity conditions. Agricultural Water Management, 142: 47–55
IF: 2.203, JR (Water Resources): Q1 (15/80)

Meir M, Ransbotyn V, Raveh E, Barak S, Tel-Zur N. and Zaccai M. 2016. Dormancy release and flowering time in Ziziphus jujuba Mill., a “direct flowering” fruit tree, has a facultative requirement for chilling. Journal of Plant Physiology, 192: 118-127.
IF: 2.557, JR (Plant Science): Q1 (51/204)

Awards and Scholarships
2014 Recipient of Ben Gurion University Short-Term Post-Doctoral scholarship
2013 Recipient of Molcho Center Scholarships. Molcho Center for Agricultural Research and Development in the Negev, for research on: The influence of irrigation water salinity on dormancy release, growth and flowering in Ziziphus jujuba”
2012 Recipient of Davis Family Foundation- Ramat HaNegev Scholarships
2006 Recipient of Tel Aviv University Scholarships Award for Excellence as teaching assistant

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