Flowers and Garden Plants Head Researcher.

Personal Information

Marital status: Married,  two Children;  34  ;  38

Nationality:  Israeli

Age:  67

Place of Birth:  Israel


HebrewUniversity of Jerusalem,  Faculty of Agriculture at Rehovot.

( M.Sc. Thesis :  Effect of Salinity On Yield and Quality of Tomatoes and Musk Melons).

1972 Histadrut Award for Young Researchers.

Ruppin Institute of Farm Technologies – Financial management Studies.

IIRR, Cavita, Philippines – Regenerative Agriculture.

Professional experience

1964-1966  Kibbutz Alumot, Member of the Kibbutz, engage in production  of onions, cucumbers and cotton.

  1966-1968  Kibbutz Grofit, Head, Vegetable production farm, producing  off-season vegetables for the fresh local and European export markets .

1968-1973  Hebrew university of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture at Rehovot,  Head of breeding program for onions for processing. Member of tomatoes breeding program.

 1973-1976  Ministry of Agriculture, Extension Service. Vegetable farm advisor for the Southern Jordan Valley , Arava region and Sinai Southern coastal areas. Leading Research and Development projects – Export     Oriented  Off Season Vegetable Crops in Nueba, Ein Yahav and Yotvata. Research on vegetables management under drip irrigation ( Sweet Pepper, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Onions).  Introduction of protected cultivation export oriented criops.

Member in the national professional committees on Onions, Tomatoes and Melons.

 1976-1978 Chieng Mai Food Complex, Thailand. Farm manager,      growing annually some 6000 h of vegetable for processing complex of drying, canning and freezing . Head of raw material supply division organizing planing, growing, collecting and transporting of 1000 m/t of fruits and vegetables daily from 30,000  farmers.

1978-1988 Arava Research Station at Yotvata, Israel. Director.      Research topics – Mechanical Harvesting of Export Fresh Market Tomatoes;  Mechanical Harvesting of Fresh Market Cucumbers;  Year    Round Supply of Export Musk Melons;  Fertilization of  Winter Sweet   Corn;  Magnetically Treated irrigation Water;  Breading of Penpil Fodder Crop.

 1988-1992  Kibbutz Yotvata.  Managing Director, responsible for all the agricultural and agroindustrial activities of the kibbutz located in the most arid zone of Israel.

 1993- Present  Negev-Arava Research & Development. Researcher. Research and Development Topics –  Development of Pearl Millet Varieties for Arid Zone Irrigated Conditions;   Plant Extraction and Natural Food Additives, irrigation, Perfumes and Medicinal Substances; Flower  Seed Production and Breeding; Development of evergreen pomegranate varieties and offseasonal production for export.

Additional professional activities – Missions Outside Israel

1982-  Sri Lanka   Israeli Delegation For Evaluation and replanning of the  Mahaweli  Ganga Project.

1983-1992  Regional Planning and Implementation of the Khao-Kor District, Northern Thailand. Follow up Visits and Surveys each Year.

1984-1988  Project International Inc. Chief Agronomist. Planning and Implementing High Quality  Vegetable Projects in  Australia,  China, Japan  and Venezuela.

1990- 1994  Camtec Inc. Agricultural Adviser.  Planning and Implementing Project of Vegetables for Processing in Sardinia, Italy. Feasibility Study for Horticultural Projects in Tamil-Nadu, India.

1993- Thahal Consulting Engineers ltd.  Survey of the RajastanCanal      (Indira Ghandi Nahar Project) . Planning of Localized Demonstration Plots     in GujeratState. Replaning of agriculture for the states of Tamil-Nadu. A world bank supported project.

1994- Ram Krishna Ashram at Nimpith, West- Bengal, India. Planning of upgrading the Land Shaping Irrigation Project. Hanover Expo 2000 award for the development of “land shaping project in India & Thailand” Planning agricultural development of the state of Hariana &Rajasthan, India,  a world bank supported project.

1994-1996  Israeli technology transfer project for pressure irrigated desert agriculture in Lunkaransar, Rajasthan, India.

1994- 1999 Improving date production in Kutch region, Gujarat state, India. Demonstration farm .

1995- 1998 Population and Community Development Association, Thailand. Evaluation and Upgrade planning of Ski Irrigation Project, northeastern Thailand. Lecturing on irrigation and crop planning courses.

1996- 1999 Laos PDR – Evaluation and Upgrading of Agriculture Projects at Hat Dokkeo Research Station at VientianeProvince, fruit trees and seed production.

1997- Planning of development projects, Tamil Nadu, India. Lecturing in courses on irrigation and crop planning, University of Piura, Peru. Evaluating and replanning irrigation project in Santo domingo, Peru.

1998- 2010 Planning and implementation “A cross border desert agriculture Project” in Rachma, Jordan as a pilot project. Planning of stage II of Rachma project- In the vilages of Um-Mathla, Wadi Musa & Say’ideen, Jordan. Evaluation and replanning of wastelands, Gujerat, India. Lecturing, planning and implementing irrigation project in Ganil, Ecuador.

1999 – Planning and implementing agricultural development projects in Mali, Burkina –Faso; Projects  in Ecuador, Peru, Thailand

2000-2006 – Projects in India,Collaboration in Jatropa development project in Gugarat state, Farming development in Rajasthan. Projects in Thailand, Ecuador, Jordan

2007 – Agricultural development projects in Mexico and Ukraine.

2008- 9 – Mexico – Rehabilitation of disturbed areas in Quahila

2010-2012 – Kenya- Agricultural project in Turkana North

            Haiti- Rehabilitation and upgrading of agriculture after earthquaqe

            India- Agriculturak development in Karnataka

Professional memberships

Membership in Board of Directors Current and Past –

GIFRID- German-Israel Fund of Research and International Development

Southern Arava R&D

Ardom- Regional Economic Activities

Yotvata- Kibbutz Yotvata

Ben Gurion University- Be’er Sheva ( Board of Trusties)

Ardom Seeds – Seed production co. of Southern Arava Region.

 Baron DeHierch Fellowship Fund

Community activities

Head of Kibbutz’  committees – Financial committee,  Economic and Planning Committee. Member of Eilot Regional Council


 Over 60 Publications in the Professional International and National Magazines.

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Work Address: Southern Arava R&D
Hevel Eilot 88820, Israel.

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