•  Seed production – R&D activity aiming to build profitable branch while securing  the IP of Arava R&D.

         In this R&D activity we develop new flower varieties and species for            the use of cut flowers, flowering pot plants and water saving    gardening plants.

  •  Evergreen pomegranates – Arava R&D developed evergreen pomegranate hybrids that are not deciduous, do not get dormant blossoms and flower year round and can  be harvested during winter\spring months. One hybrid can be mechanically harvested.

To All Reports:

Evaluating the use of garlic

Ji Hyun Kim, Sophie Fridman, Hamutal Borochov‐Neori, Tamar Sinai, Dina Zilberg (2018) Evaluating the use of garlic ( Allium sativum) for the remedy of Cryptocaryon irritans in guppies (Poecilia reticulata…