Visit of the top of ICA, 04.04.22

As part of a visit by the ICA top officials to various sites in the Eilot region, on Monday, 04/04/22, We had the honor and pleasure of hosting them here too, with us, at the R&D experiment station.

Participating in the visit:

ICA President – Adv. William Cohen (England) and ICA CEO – Mr. Zeev Miller.

A huge thank you to our Dr. Jessica Schäckermann, who accompanied and guided the distinguished guests, during their visit to the experiment station,

Also, thanks to the students: Antonia, Colin and Marie who presented their research projects, to the guests.

We were very happy about the visit, we thank and congratulate ICA for its support in the Southern Arava R&D and hope for continued fruitful and successful cooperation in the future as well,

May we all have a happy spring holiday!